Burn Out Laut - Therapeutic Soulrock

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Tom, Sean and Sascha played together in a cover-band for some years. They interpreted songs from different genres like blues, soul, funk and rock.

At the end of 2016 this project got into a crisis and they split up. At the same time Sascha and Sean had to overcome their own personal crises. Sean had a burnout and Sascha suffered from depression.
Having decided to only make music for a living, Sean started to compose songs together with Tom in may 2017.

Because of Seans personal suffering history the two of them decided to name the band “Burn Out Laut”. “Laut” is german for “loud” 😉

After a long time of looking for matching musicians they were glad that Sascha joined their project. After playing for 9 months with several drummers, Mirko Grusa completed the band in spring 2019.

The upcoming concerts can be found here.

Burn Out Laut is lyrically and stylistically characterized by authenticity: open minded, socio-critical, self-reflecting, self-ironical, fun making.